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My name is Ksenia and I created this independent website to introduce English-speakers to Russia’s civil society. I interview local Russian activists and translate their stories. 

Russia’s future and the hope for reviving its democracy depend on the strength of its civil society, but it faces incredible challenges. The world needs to better understand these challenges before it can help. English-language coverage of Russia concentrates on geopolitics, disinformation, and war. Russia is understood to be an adversary, and the Russian citizens working to improve their country from within go largely unnoticed as a result.

We can’t allow ourselves to disappear once again behind an Iron Curtain. Not when we have the means to tell the world about our struggles. 

Through each story here, I aim to explore one societal problem, as well as the personal views and ideas of activists involved. I interview activists from across Russia’s many regions and from across its diverse civil society. All these individuals have one thing in common: they believe they can change Russia for the better.

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